The Runes of Odin - Book One of the Runes Saga. 

A boy from the Isles. A girl from the North. 

All Calum remembers is growing up in a peaceful settlement in the Isles on the edge of the North Sea. Across that icy sea, Lena has grown up the daughter of an Isles man taken as a slave in a Northern raid.

As their two worlds collide, a spiralling cycle of violence, fear and bloodshed begins to engulf Calum and Lena. It seems that only by combining their fledgling knowledge of the Rune of Odin might they escape a terrible fate.


The Legacy of Odin - Book Two of the Runes Saga

The Iron Throne - Book Three of the Runes Saga




Runes are the keys to the elements. They are triggers that unlock the power of the wind, and the water, and fire.