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Change of scenery

I’ve been working on an adult spec fiction novel for a few years now and finally have a completed first draft… and a list of intended changes almost as long. Redrafting is hard. Editing is hard. New words are much easier, much more attractive. Maybe that’s why I’m a writer, not an editor?

Getting motivated is the key. One trick that works for me is simply moving to another room without all the books, references, maps, notes cluttering up the workspace. Staring at a different patch of wall. Sitting in a different chair. Tis simple, but gets me out of the long write and into a different (and hopefully shorter) mode. Change the font size of your work, change the font, stick the words in a text reader program, and of course, print them out on paper (coloured?) and the words look different without being different. All helps. Can’t really hurt anyway.

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