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The Bhel Sea - update

Example of Kentaro Kanamoto's work (not my cover)Inching closer to my next publication, still tentatively titled "The Bhel Sea". After feedback from my editor which echoed my own concerns, I may change the title, or amend it, to something that doesn't conjure such a link with a naval / pirate / swash-buckling adventure... which this book isn't. There are three main (actually four, for those books with reviewer quotes featuring on the cover) hooks for grabbing a browsing reader's attention and interest, those being the cover, the title and the blurb (and to me, in that order of importance).

I have commissioned the fantastic services of an illustrator, Kentaro Kanamoto, an example of whose work you see in this post. He is almost finished with the design, that of a wrecked ship on a dark, storm-wracked beach beneath a looming keep. This is a pivotal early scene in the novel and one which I have always had in my head when I thought of a potential cover. The cover itself I will reveal hopefully very soon upon its completion, but I have been blown away by Kentaro's skill to now.

The blurb is yet to be written, and here I have licence to grab the essence of the book, and steer the reader hopefully away from the rocky misdirection of a book about ships and piracy.

And finally the title. This is a tricky one, as the book is mainly about the Bhel Sea, a dangerous, contested expanse of water where anything goes. And while there are the equivalent of pirates, or more specifically an organised mob of raiders known as the Korsar, more than half of the novel does not take place there, but rather inland, well away from any significant river, lake or sea. I am considering splitting the hefty tome into two parts for e-book publication, and a single volume for print, and perhaps using different sub-titles under a Bhel Sea Saga brand.

Watch this space.


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