Exiles of the Bhel Sea
Monday, April 23, 2012 at 4:00PM
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Well this one took me a while. With a huge sigh of relief, I can now say that my fourth book is available. This is the first novel I have published electronically (Kindle version available now, other formats later this week), and while I will do a print version, it isn't the main focus.

And so, Exiles of the Bhel Sea is ready!

$5.99 for the full book, while of course one fantastic advantage of ebooks is that you can sample the novel for free and test-drive it.

Special thanks to my artist, Kentaro Kanamoto, my editor Amanda Le Bas du Plumetot, my cartographer-extraordinaire Matthew French, and my beta readers Amanda Le Bas du Plumetot, Steven Turner, Aidan Doyle and Alex Hong. Much appreciated.

Thanks of course to my long-suffering wife, Kristy, and my kids, Sophie and Phoebe. The main reason for the time this book has taken is the arrival of my daughters and that goes with raising children, and I hope that one day they read and enjoy this book.

It's a long one - about the same length as my Runes trilogy combined - but then epic fantasy novels are called "epic" for a reason!


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